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Gate Construction

Protection for your business, apartment complex or real estate investment is usually the top concern when someone is asked about safety. People want to keep their properties private and not give intruders an opportunity. Complexes that have electric fences provide that privacy and security. Recent research shows that break-in cases are on the rise. Multi-Family, Apartment Complexes, Industrial Parks and Commercial properties must be aware of this issue and make sure they take the proper precautions.

Electric gates can help keep you safe. Electric gates also add prestige and value to your home. Adding to the bottom line of the most valuable asset you own while also protecting your investment sounds like an easy way to make everybody happy.

Best Style of Gate

In most cases, a sliding gate is recommended if there is enough space. At Brazos Fence & Iron, we believe it is the best option:

  1. Wear and tear - a slide gate has a better weight distribution than other types of gates, therefore it is more reliable.

  2. Safety - as far as safety goes, it is easier to protect your vehicles and loved ones using safety devices if you have a slide gate, because it is moving in one straight line. A swing gate, for example, has "dead zones" which are harder to cover using safety devices.

Other Gates Available

If there isn't enough space for a standard slide gate, a swing gate, overhead gate, or is some cases a retractable slide gate can be used. A retractable slide gate is a slide gate divided into two pieces, and requires about half the opening size to open into.

The professionals at Brazos Fence & Iron always recommend using a steel frame for your gate for added stability and strength. The majority of all gates are wrought iron gates or wood gates with a steel frame.

An alternative type of steel you can use for your driveway gate is stainless steel. It is more expensive than regular steel, but it resists corrosion and rust far better than regular steel does. Some people would also prefer using stainless steel for aesthetic reasons.

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